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Career Life Overview


Hey, I’m a multimedia concept artist 🌱




Portfolio Building

Path Development



2008 - 2012

Marietta High School

2013 - 2015

Georgia  Highlands College


Art Institute Of Atlanta

Graduated in 2012 from Marietta High School with my diploma.


After graduation, i took a year off to move back to NY and think about my purpose. I stumbled upon a streetwear brand called EntreeLifestyle which would ultimately inspire me enough after much shopping to launch my own brand.

I moved back to ATL in the beginning of 2013 to further my education at the 2 year community college Georgia Highlands on the Southern PolyTech Campus which later merged with Kennesaw State University. This was a fun period, where i bonded with close friends, partied and did a lot of shopping. 

I transferred to the Art Institute Of Atlanta with interests in Fashion Marketing/Management, Photography & Film. I bought a Dslr Camera and launched my first clothing line RxchxeClothingCo which gained tons of support from family, friends, Co-workers, local artists and communities. These are strong memories with emphasis on “Creatxvekxds

I dropped out after a year for financial reasons and sudden break up with a girl i loved. With a bigger passion to pursue my dreams, i let close family and friends know i needed to leave ATL, then i sold my car, donated my personal belongings and used my savings from my job to start fresh in NY.


FreeLance Journey Begins

2018 - 2019

FreeLance Journey Middle

I hit the streets everyday building my skills as a motivated photographer/fashion designer. My family and best friend helped me stay active while i learned how to navigate the NY streets using my camera. Everyday i attended Networking Events, Artist Showcases, Meet-N-Greets, Pop-Up Shops, Concerts, Parties, NightClubs as freelance artists on the rise. At first my goal was simple, link up with A$AP Mob to see if i can be a creative director, and also land a steady gig as a model. This goal quickly changed through the experience of networking.

I spent my last to travel to Texas for SXSW on a whim to do some work for A$AP Mob after attending a private dinner with Mass Appeal made possible by PushMethod.

It never happened. Surprisingly thanks to a good connection with another filmmaker who goes by Has during my first NYFW fashion week show, i had a place to stay and build even more. We managed to link up with indie/major brands, artists and labels such as Eardrummer Records during the Ransom 2 release.


This was a big break opportunity to see high level teamwork on a marketing/press run, meeting tons of major/local brands, and artists thanks to a group out of Detroit called ZonaGang which later became VixeVersa. Building this relationship helped create my first opportunity to show my skills making a couple logos for the music group and manager. The manager took a chance with me on his idea for a media company called OooWeeTV pushing my skills and awareness to the next level. I learned a lot earning a temporary executive producer position with the media company taking on roles such as; Interviewer, behind the scenes camera man, social media manager + marketer, content creator, team recruiter, and promoter spending a lot of time in the studio, doing tour runs, marketing campaigns, press kits, traveling, & editing on premier pro during my downtime.

2020 - 2021

FreeLance Journey End


Strong Foundation Built 

My gut told me to stop doing interviews and networking to get more organized and build on my foundation. Drained and frustrated from exhaustion and lack of understanding, I moved CT with my mother right before the pandemic. Everyday i worked on my mind, body, spirit battling with myself while enhancing my portfolio. My mind was like, “GO BACK TO NY!” and my body was like, “ Slow down and enjoy the journey.” I launched Lofiistudios during this time, to focus and refine my craft while going through a spiritual awakening, revisiting old accomplishments, ideas, and adventures in areas such as Art, Fashion, Film, Photography & Modeling.

I moved back to ATL continue my next chapter. I had a really rough year back in ATL no lie. Things did not go the way i planned, my emotions tried to get the better of me. My spending habits could of been better, i also could be a lot more careful, I’ve been on edge everyday, due to my heightened sensitivity but no worries my connection is stronger than ever and I’m being guided towards greatness.

Traditional drawing + digital illustrator

Typography logo design

Concept reference sheets

Inking traditional + digital


50 + Filled Art Journals

Collaborated with over 100 + artists

Over 10,000hrs Dedicated to Art

1 published book “A Collection Of Thoughts UnderPressure”

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