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Creative Entreprenuer


Reel Concept


Quarter 4 Project Title: PaperTagSociety Modeling Agency + Shopping & Retail Pop-Up Shop & OnlineStore Via Lofiistudios

Client: @PaperTagSociety

Format: Reels + Photos

Theme: Minimal + Modern

Style: Vintage + Modern

Pace: Medium-Fast

Problem: Rebranding an old vision for a clothingline called Rxchxe & Create a message that is both simple + inviting.

Solution: Create a compelling landing page created through the Creative Lab & get merchandise.

Goal: Launch and sell a capsule collection with shirts, and a keychain that’s it. Make a profit of $3000 minimum over 90-days.

Damage received: 40% with (20 Mental ) + (20 Physical ) Burnout

About The Brand

After careful reflection, I rebranded Rxchxe (Richie) clothing co. into a direction that aligns with my core values. A great start filled with tons of memories & success. Now i would like to introduce PaperTagSociety a space where creativity & personality can be expressed through modeling. True supporters will have the opportunity to connect with me online or in person and buy a “shirt + keychains pack” with the slogan “Rep Realness”


Collaborate & Connect

Unpaid: With 3 people

Unpaid: With 6 people

Unpaid: With 9 people

Paid: With 3 people

Paid: With 6 people

Paid: With 9 people

Paid With 3 people

Paid: With 6 people

Paid: With 9 people


“Rep Realness”

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